we are pleased to announce the release of python 2.6.3, a bugfix release of python 2.6.2, on october 2, 2009.

python 2.6 is now in bugfix-only mode; no new features are being added. somewhere near 100 bugs have been fixed since the release of python 2.6.2. the news file lists every change in each alpha, beta, and release candidate of python 2.6.

what’s new in python 2.6.

report bugs at

read the python license.

pep 361 set out the development schedule for 2.6.

help fund python and its community by donating to the python software

this is a final release; we currently support these formats:

gzipped source tar ball (2.6.3) (sig)
bzipped source tar ball (2.6.3) (sig)
windows x86 msi installer (2.6.3) (sig)
windows amd64 msi installer (2.6.3) (sig)
mac installer disk image (2.6.3) (sig)

md5 checksums and sizes of the released files:

c4842532170fc0a6f9e878497efc0ddf 13319447 python-2.6.3.tgz 8755fc03075b1701ca3f13932e6ade9f 11249543 python-2.6.3.tar.bz2 f7382afe57e21ced274eeec614dbda37 15214592 python-2.6.3.amd64.msi 9ff76b6101fdb1c935970476ed428569 14871552 python-2.6.3.msi 114d26c741d4c0b8ee91191a7a06aa2a 20329350 python-2.6.3-macosx.dmg

the signatures for the source tarballs above were generated with gnupg using release manager barry warsaw’s public key which has a key id of a74b06bf. the windows installers were signed by martin von löwis’ public key which has a key id of 7d9dc8d2. the mac disk image was signed by ronald oussoren’s public key which has a key id of e6df025c.

the documentation has also been updated. you can browse the html on-line or download the html